Pub. 1 2019-2020 Issue 4

ENVIRONMENTAL MITIGATION SERVICES FOR THE ENERGY PRODUCTION INDUSTRY Integrated Water Management is fully dedicated to providing sound environmental solutions for a needed and necessary energy resource. We take great pride in our facility, our process, and capabilities we have to manage all the challenges that come with wastewater treatment and other services for the oil and energy industry. Our state-of-the-art, 90-acre facility located 7 miles north of Duchesne, Utah allows us to be leaders in the industry in both safety and efficiency. This investment minimizes your liability and increases your bottom line. In this industry, you need more than a company to do business with, you need a partner. There is no room for error in this process. Our customer’s product liability is the heart of our business. Integrated Water Management serves the energy production industry with containment and environmental mitigation services that make both economic and environmental sense. Integrated Water Management provides the following services: Contact IWM at: 435.454.4646 | Integrated Water Management is a division of Integrated Energy Companies | • Environmental mediation for production water, flow backs, fracking fluids, tank bottoms, cellar clean outs • Multi-station, automated, full-service offload station and a high-capacity disposal well, we can guarantee capacity for our contract customers • Full service oilfield depository Land Farm • Drilling mud treatment and solid waste disposal • Third party environmental compliance verification audits and certificates to minimize customer liability (“cradle-to- grave liability”) • Off-Spec Oil cleaning • Complete cradle-to-grave liability mitigation • High-capacity production water pipeline to serve producers in the Central Basin