Pub. 3 2021-2022 Issue 1


Kicking off “Latch the Hatch”

The Wasatch Front isn’t alone in facing ozone as our newest air quality challenge. While the drivers and details are different, the Uintah Basin also struggles with a unique wintertime ozone challenge. Winter conditions result in temperature inversions “trapping” VOC, NOx, Sulfur, and Particulates. UV light reflecting off snow then reacts with pollutants and results in high levels of ozone.

Again, UPA is proving our commitment to the issue by leading out and kicking off a “Latch the Hatch” Campaign. This collaborative industry effort requires producers and vendors to work together and take responsibility. On Oct. 27, together with several of our basin operators and their gauging and hauling companies we hosted the launch.

Our key message – we need to keep thief hatches closed.

Operators will have the opportunity to sign a commitment statement that requires deploying new consistent signage across the field, contractor education, and a voluntary rollout of technology improvements that focus on alerting operators when hatches have been left open, as well as improved hatches and controls. UBTech has also committed to include the “Latch the Hatch” initiative with their H2S and CDL training programs.

If you have questions about this initiative or wish to lend your support, reach out to Rikki.