Pub. 3 2021-2022 Issue 1

Women Stepping Up

Women Stepping Up and Flagging the Irony of the Biden Administration

We want to give a shoutout to Utah Gas Corp for holding their first “Women’s Offsite” event and recognizing the inherent value of a diverse and balanced team. UPA President Rikki Hrenko-Browning and the Executive Director of West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association, Chelsea Miera, teamed up to talk to the women about female leadership in the energy industry.

This was Rikki and Chelsea’s second recent collaboration. In July, they jointly penned an Op-Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, pointing out the irony of President Biden contradicting his own stated goals of buying American while calling on Russia and OPEC to produce more oil in order to stabilize U.S. gasoline prices. Why the administration seeks to stifle development of domestic oil and natural gas development which not only helps to keep costs down for consumers, but has the added benefit of fortifying the economy and providing robust jobs in Utah and Western Colorado remains a mystery. Even more perplexing is the stated desire for other countries to increase production, knowing no country on earth produces the resources we so obviously need cleaner, more responsibly, or with more environmental protections than the United States. The irony is clear.

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Rikki Hrenko Browning is the President of Utah Petroleum Association.


Chelsie Miera is the Executive Director of West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association.