Pub. 2 2020-2021 Issue 3


Chevron Salt Lake Refinery Recognizes Brinderson and MMR with Chevron Safety Performance Award

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Pub. 2 2020-2021 Issue 3

The Chevron Safety Performance Award is an annual award given to contractors who work to support Chevron’s Salt Lake Refinery. The award has been given out since 2014, and the criteria for the 2020 Gold Award was working more than 25,000 hours at the refinery during a calendar year with no OSHA recordable injuries.

In 2020, 13 Gold Awards and 10 Silver Awards were given out. Among the recipients of the Gold Award were Brinderson, whose craftsmen and women supported the refinery’s Maintenance and Small Capital Project teams, and MMR Group Inc., an electrical and instrumentation company that assisted with the refinery’s 2020 turnarounds and ISOALKY™ project.

Brinderson began providing maintenance and capital construction at the Salt Lake City refinery in January 2020. Brinderson Vice President Rhett Dixon stated, “The safety of each employee is our top priority, and Chevron’s recognition by way of this Gold Award reinforces the results of our safety culture and demonstrates our employee’s beliefs in our core value that Zero Incidents are possible.”

Upon receiving this award, MMR President/CEO James “Pepper” Rutland said “Being recognized by Chevron for our commitment to safety is an honor. Receiving this award demonstrates MMR’s continued efforts to implement safe work practices throughout our organization.”

Safety is Chevron’s highest priority and why the refinery chooses to annually recognize those who uphold the highest standards of safety. Companies like Brinderson and MMR represent business partners who share Chevron’s values about protecting the wellbeing of the workforce and the integrity of operations in the oil and gas industry.