Pub. 2 2020-2021 Issue 3

Resilience is a wholly overused word at this point, but it is one I cannot seem to get out of my head when I think about the work our membership does every day, no matter what. The challenges of the global pandemic that lasted the entirety of 2020 and persisted into early 2021 are far-reaching and have been well-covered. So, let’s put that aside and discuss other challenges.

I am thrilled to take over as Chairman of the Utah Petroleum Association. As things continue to approach whatever we call “normal,” it is important to remember that there will always be challenges associated with oil and natural gas development, no matter what happens. As we have seen firsthand, the world is unpredictable, political winds shift and change, and we can never fully know what awaits us down the road.

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Pub. 2 2020-2021 Issue 3
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Pub. 2 2020-2021 Issue 3
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